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Put your best face forward on that special day for a memorable experience that you will never forget.  Through professional make-up your inner beauty is exposed to the outside world.  The benefits of professional make-up include

  • A long lasting finish for the entire night
  • Beautiful pictures for every special occasion including family portraits,           professional pictures, and senior portraits
  • Learn new techniques to help accomplish your favorite looks
  • A special experience for a special night


We offer you two choices for make-up:

  1. OLA mineral make-up that gives you the custom blended foundation and natural look that lasts 4 to 8 hours
  2. Airbrush make-up to feel like a real star with this full coverage long lasting make-up

Through the use of highlight and shadow we make every feature look the best
Give you the luxury treatment to make you feel like a star
Use our theatrical background to create fun and innovative sytles for those wild weekends